Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mass Combat Low Tech Templates

Made a bunch of GURPS 4e Mass Combat Low Tech templates. They feature the basic Ally cost and some lenses. Right now I'm constructing a way to randomly roll up Lords or Status 5 and 6 characters. They make great adversaries and patrons for a campaign. I also lately realized that these characters make up setting more than any economic system I can create.

A system of generating NPC Lords, mean I can populate the small upper level niche of the setting faster. The lords can be pretty random, there is a small chance you can have a lord with none or all key disciplines: Administration, Court, Command, and Combat. As the GM rolls up a random lord and certain strengths, this will determine the over all strategy the NPC will follow in the course of the game.

After I fix this system up, I'll try to experiment rolling up a bunch of NPCs in my Sins of the Crusades Setting. After having the stats, it becomes a deductive and creative story telling exercise to explain the NPC's background.

So far I've accumulated a lot of setting building tools. If I can arrange them and test them, maybe I can have a really random setting generation system booklet via PDFs. Complete with Mass Combat Cards for Units.

I wish I have time to draw, I really want to do the Mass Combat Cards of Units. If your curious how I draw, I have a deviant art account. Drawing simple "stamp" art styled pix are easy and fast (the style ramon perez uses).

Anyway, planning to make some Mass Combat Scenarios now that these templates are all done.

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