Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Character Descriptors part 1 (hopefully a series to come)

this is RPGs, and it was always bothering me how perception and notcing things work. Various systems have various takes, and in RL experience sometimes the rules fall short in explaining how somethings work out. I also got the TTC "How we percieve; Human perception" also the congition lectures like Philosophy of the Mind.
All that theory, helped guide me in trying to apply it in my sport, airsoft. I noticed how narrow the mental process of observing can be. its all about brain plasticity again, and how shifting observation gears is actually using various forms of Int. Unfortunately this is a mental process, and having the ability to Meta-think when to pull out or change gears comes from practice and conditioning more than active intelligence. One can say that its hard wired and you can only learn it OR you won the genetic lottery. So in an effort to learn and exercise, I will try to do it more habitually.

Skin Blemishes, non-prominent (easily hidden) vs
Personal appearance flaws, and how they make up/compensate for it.
Able to Laugh on command, sounds very sincere.
Wears clothes a size smaller or larger than would be a "good fit"
Needs to have more airtime in a conversation
Uses sources to back up facts presented, but from ambigous sources
leans towards using technical or academic use of the terms/vocabulary instead of common usage.
Cheap, Robust/Good, or Fashionable Shoes.
Jewelry Worn: almost practical, no common theme, trendy (common trend) vs fashionable (more cutting edge), expensive, classic/timeless, status symbol, obscure, eclectic but has a very artsy or historical or political symbolism, impractical.
Made up/Make up
Manicured/ Nail Polished; last upkeep or maintenance of polish - applicable the style descriptors
Many gadgets/devices (techie load out vs plains persons load out).
Eye Focus Patterns (should be its own long list of descriptors; e.g. focuses in status in a group, in details, disciplined, curious, etc).
Styles - (same as jewlery) but add various forms of practicality. There are those who have socially practical style focus (markers of status, calling cards, logos.) while there are those who have walking, survival/outdoors, handtohand combat, etc... practicalities.

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