Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Good Content vs Light Content

Getting organized, i realized that it takes me about 4 hours to accomplish a satisfactory piece. Especially when it contributes something that may be new, or formalizes something that was before purely intuitive.

Because of such economies, I have to break down my content and my focus.

Once a Month, something worthwhile.
Formalized GM tools and methods. Currently, I'm writing an article of a methodology of organizing play in a fun way (to the detail oriented person). Of course the leaning is to optimise time usage and maximize satisfaction.
Formalizing Character Descriptors. See Character Descriptors

Twice a month.
Commentary and Relfections. I'm listenting to some RPG podcasts; will check out some open platform podcasts 2GMs1mic, Pulp gamer out of Character, and Fear the Boot. I get a lot of inspiration, particularly when I add my own lense in terms of where the common points are when viewing certain challenges and skills. Also, expect me to comment a lot about how it applies to the real world :P

At least Once to Thrice a week.
Character Descriptions, a running list. Lessons in observation and perception applied. I will write down all the interesting quirks, descriptions, conditions, etc.. I observe everyday. I will compile them in a Gdocs-spreadsheet and formalize them in a Gdoc about once a month.
I want to build a random character generator, that can be used for modern and historical games. It also allows me to build up material for my open system, while practicing my observation skills.

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