Thursday, November 8, 2012

World of History Podcasts

I listen to Laszlo Montgomerys china history podcast, Lars brownsworth 12 Byzantine rulers, Robin Piersons the history of Byzantium and I will be download a whole ton more of history audio books.

What we all have in common with some of these guys is the very very long commutes in our lives. 2 hours of my day is lost to traffic, even in the least traffic of times. I gobble all these up easily.

What I realize is that the barrier of running historical games should be much lower than ever. History is now a more accessible interest. Although, like historical fiction novels, they are an acquired taste.

I've only checked out happy jacks podcast, because it's pro GURPS. But what would be nice is an rpg podcast sounds like a history podcast. What I mean is that, players and gms in their long commute can learn more about the setting and the rules as they wait in their long commute.

Typically these podcast give me ideas while I drive, where I whip out my e63 and press the record shortcut and dictate my notes while driving.

This rpg setting podcast helps gm learn the materials, especially Gm links me who are audio biased than reading biased.

The world of history podcasts help me learn in the idle time on the road. Because of how hard life is, it's a welcome distraction. I'm the type to ruminate and it has done wonders for my depression when I don't think to much and can learn - a coping mechanism to move forward.

Recommended Podcasts
History of World War II Podcast - heavy ww2 history podcast, great for those long drives.
Twilight Histories - alternate histories
The memory palace - history in 6-7mins, award winning
Russian Rulers History podcast
Project History podcasts - notable is "When diplomacy fails" and British history
The History of Rome by mike duncan

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