Wednesday, November 28, 2012

GURPS Lite Setting Specific Polished

I predict that it will be around christmass when I will finish my final polish this this GURPS lite doc I've made. Right now its pretty much fixed, there are some stuff I would like to polish (improve the idea density and clarity).

The purpose of this GURPS lite is so that GMs can give these handouts to their players for a specific game. The one I'm working on is medieval, and I plan to put a Random Character Generation Version with Career Path system (like in traveller) after I fix this up. I will also add a flow chart.

If I have the energy I'll make a modern version of this, set in 2013. I plan to shrink the no. of hand to hand weapons and put the guns common here in the Philippines. Again, this is a doc file, and it is recommended that the GMs customize this for their own game. The idea is that 40 pages is all the rules the players are only going to need.

I admit I got really inspired by Happy Jack's RPG podcast to run again. I am listing to it while I am doing editing work. I cant really listen to discussion while writing.

Of course, no art... this is a GM's tool that is meant for fair use to convince people to try GURPS out.  Office Aps are so powerful now, I'm layouting with Libreoffice.

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