Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1st time to play in years

Thanks +Tobie Abad for running Lacuna. It was a great game, and it feels great gaming after years of hiatus.  Both +Carl Michael Moullard and I have not played and a long time and it is great that we got to play with the master. It was a two hour game and things moved pretty fast for two players. 

We hope we can have more players and gamers run their games here next week.  

We are trying to re-cultivate gaming in the philippines, and have provided a venue to play, in one of the busiest places in metro manila - the philippine economic zone of eastwood city libis, one of the densest BPO areas in the Philippines.

This is the gaming area we made in our building in eastwood for tabletop players. we have another room so that the gamers can feel free to be a little louder and obnoxious as well as space for the wargamers and board gamers. The place is complete with a 24/7 cafeteria that services the agents with 1.25USD meals and a place for smokers. 

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Gothridge Manor said...

Wow, very nice. Glad to here the game is on again!