Monday, March 24, 2014

Appreciating how things are going before its gone

The two games I'm running has put me in a good place. Both are very different and have a some things in common (both in GURPS). So I'm just enjoying the feeling before something more serious gets in the way and spoils it.

for the Crusades game, i've gotten most of my research done for naval logistics, political-economic forces and boundaries. Few more tweaks in the system to speed up resolution (no more rolling for mooks).

I'm sure people also noticed I've gotten some groove back in my drawing. I can output pretty quickly, some usable portraits lolz. Looking forward to more practice, planning to do a portrait of everyone after the WBH game.

for the War Beneath Heaven, I have just finished most of my doctrine notes and baddies best practice studies (posts on Zombies, Spirits, and a ton of Notes from GURPS Powers and Magic). I'm worried for the characters because I will need to amp up the baddies for more drama, and they may get killed - Problems with no Fixed or Preconceived solutions. A lot of the background notes come in handy and have finally matured (see the setting index) which means I can create connections easily (why X is after Y or doing Z).

I have a feeling Feb and March is a Peek gaming season, where there are a lot of inquiries based on my own Roll20 history. So I gotta pace myself.

Interesting Observations

  • many are willing but they all have schedule issues. 
  • Its an anomaly, my current batch of crusader players were pretty nice and actually told me if they can or cannot make it. I think in my roll20 experience, I've had about 50 inquiries and these five, plus my friends makes for a total of 8 : 50 have (<16%) have basic courtesy lolz. (this is me on the GM side and only in my games). This may be helpful in expectations. OR is it because of their taste in games - Aha is there a correlation lolz.  
  • Solved some technical problems. I have 2 ISPs at home, a dial-up and a pretty good line. So for the next game I plan to do is have both laptops on and on different ISPs. When one gets choppy (which was happening the other game) I will switch to other one and reset the Modem and the laptop if I need to.  (its a 4+ year old modem, I've been researching on a new cisco router, currently evaluating e900 but its 50% more expensive than US prices :(  ) 
  • There is a need for a Character Questionnaire (like the game of 20 questions in L5R) and maybe a way to randomly decide on Disadvantages. GURPS disads are not disadvantages more of an "engagement" to the game setting - valuing life, perspective, sense of duty, dependents, loved ones, etc... these all ATTACH the character - it gives them roots and life. A character without roots, its kind off odd. I like humanizing characters, although that's not appropriate in some games (games I dont play lolz). 
  • Having my own GURPS lite handout (my GURPS low tech lite) so that my players are not Overwhelmed WAS SOOOOOOO USEFUL! I incorporated the questionnaire and some system tweaks to allow me to model some activities. One activity I'm going to plug in is how to Model Marathons - in GURPS there is a disconnect in the current system that prevents such a model. I just need to correct the system. 
    • Basically the Higher the skill in Running or Rowing (under Crewman + HT) the longer between intervals of needing to roll. Every time I run I keep thinking of the flaws of the system in modeling running lolz. 

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