Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Checking stuff out, this time Play by Post

A Friend, asked me about where to find a place where he can just Play by Post. He's, like me, in GMT/UTC+8 or 12 hours advance to PST. Since most gamers (by a very big margin) are in US time zones he had some trouble looking for a place to play.

Like many other gamers, he wants to play but really can't find the time. Still the drive the play is so strong he actively sought Play by posts. Another thing we talked about is how he likes to try out other games, like a buffet, try out different genres and settings and play with many others. With work days can pass pretty quickly and an adventure quickly escalates as he can go through his daily routines.

+Tim Noyce runs a few games in Role-play online. I found it useful to know and maybe get some of my older gaming friends out of the hobby with kids to check it out lolz. (like a PUSHER lolz, their wives are going to be pissed at me)

+Jason Packer recommends myth Weavers as a source.
+Dall Hall showed me Storium, it seems they will be coming out with an App.

keeping this in my notes.

What I would want out of a PBP RPG APP?

An play by post app would actually save time and worry for the GM

Design Goals

  • Micro-RPGing. basically an app that allows me to quickly type out my activities and actions.
    • Add another layer to Character banter, allow them to talk in voice, but have events and actions part of the conversation. 
  • Organize, even create a timeline or narrative anyone can follow. 
  • Coordinate with other Artists for collaboration.


  • Quickly be able to separate Speech, side comments, and character actions. 
  • Scene Tagging
  • Have Emoticons Slots for the character's reactions. (connect with artists or allow players to add their own art)
  • A matrix for combat, who is threatening, attacking, and defending against who. 
  • Scheduling, Alerts, coordination, and various Activities. 
  • Library access of Materials and Wiki. They can add or search the campaign wiki. 
  • Organize the Timeline and Export events in SCRIPT (comic or movie) format so that easy to follow. 
  • A way to coordinate with Artists and tools to add your own personal art and ideas into the narrative. 
  • A way to juggle multiple campaigns. 
  • A small market for the participants to donate, gift, and pay for services and content. 

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