Sunday, March 2, 2014

My gming update

I want to play a low powered low tech game (by low 150cp or lower vs dungeon fantasy levels of 250 or monster hunters of 450). The only historical game is outside my schedule (6am on a weekday). I want to play but if I have to GM to get a game more my schedule I'm willing especially since I've sooooooo much prepped material over the Years.

I guess for a historical I'm looking for people who like the same kind of shows for the low powered low magic ness like got, Rome, Borgias (us or German version) , etc. (and maybe downtown abbey lolz).

The low tech lite for crusader byzantine 11C is finally at proofing and final. Touches of my gurps low tech lite... I should submit it lolz (83 pages with templates and lenses for crusader Byzantium 11C game, just enough to make common archetypes of the age but enough to tease anyone to buy and get all the low tech and martial arts books and hopefully like history games. Since it was tailored to simplify history ). First major accomplishment of 2014, since I've been working on it since 2007 lolz.

My best schedule is sat morning because it accommodates time zones almost 12 hours apart. It's a schedule that can accommodate people from the philippines moving East to NJ (where my brother is at, wonder if it can accommodate UK).

Maybe one shots at one shot at a time... Lolz that was what my current campaign was supposed to be surprised it is running past 16 sessions (the plan is to keep running if people find it interesting, Damn has the lore grown). The person who told me to run it didn't get to play.

Can't play in the weekdays as much because it's getting harder to shift schedules around with work getting into so many bidding projects. Willing to sleep less on weekends for a game lolz.

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