Friday, March 28, 2014

Things to Look forward Too

Because of the Games I'm running both Modern and Historical here are the projects that are just going through last edits and where I have to step away a bit and clear my head.
  1. Monsters and Avatars
    1. Avatars
    2. Fallen Deities
    3. Were Creatures
    4. Giants (in haven they occupy another plane since they will disrupt the veil; Yeah an excuse to fight Titans ala Shinjeki no Kyojin)
  2. Undead Templates
    1. Liches, lesser or Proto-Lich
    2. Vampires
    3. Zombies (as drones)
  3. Demons and Dragons 
  4. Spirits and Ghosts 
  5. Modern Templates
  6. Historical Templates
I will try to get them all ready. They will be in my Gdocs so that i can easily edit them. You can see them as I edit them.

Although what I have in the works will take probably a month or two. 
  1. TL1-3 Ships. Galleys and Sail craft spreadsheet using GURPS Vehicles. With Blender Guide in building Galleys and Ships. Probably coming out in June or July. Includes "board game" combat for ships and tools to easily build fleets and create set piece battles. 
  2. GURPS Magic Strategy Guide! - Basically taking all the transcripted spells in a spreadsheet and looking at them by Prerequisite count level by level and at certain point budgets. Consolidate all the assumptions organize them as Tags. The tags will describe each spell and will reference other spells. Basically magical best practice organically grown based on the spells available in GURPS magic. The spreadsheet will be done about april. The index first part Prequisites up to -2 or -3 done by Sept (i'll be in the US by August hopefully). 
  3. War Beneath Heaven 2.0 Season 03! Consolidating much of the Fluff and material. Since the world is not beholden to any theories it can be easily modified to any campaign. My favorite part about it is that its a Fictional Country - you can make stuff up on the fly. Will create a tool to break down factions and entities for easy world building and adjustment. Since I'll be adding the Marches and other realms, there is going to still be a lot to do. 

So basically everything you need to run a Kitchen Sink or you can use for you game. Its low powered, easy math, and a GM who you can talk to about how to work on other stuff. Since I'm running all these games I'm getting more and more material. I'm also encountering more and more problems which line up together for a solution that tends to solve many of them at the same time. 

I've contemplated having a break from WBH, but if the players keep coming, I'll entertain them and I will try to run - health and family obligations permitting. The table is open and accommodating, and despite many awkward moments when meeting new people its still going on. Enjoying it while it lasts. 

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