Friday, May 23, 2014

Roll20 Macros for GURPS

Because the character sheets will be available eventually. You can find the Demo Campaign here. Thanks to +James Austin for teaching me all these macros. Don't forget the Roll20 notes on GURPS. it took me 5 minutes to input the Hit Location table.

Rolling 3d6 [[3d6]]

because the double brackets saves more space and reduces the clutter on the chat log. 

@{selected|character_name} tries to block with a margin of [[@{selected|block}+?{mod}-3d6]]

parry, dodge are all the same with just the text changed around

turns aka Initiative
@{selected|token_name} has a [[@{selected|SPD}&{tracker}]] for initiative!

I call it turns because it takes up less space than typing initiative.

wound save
@{selected|character_name} resists the wound with [[@{selected|HT}+?{Mod}-3d6]]

this is basically for Major Wound and Death Checks 

@{selected|character_name} rolled a margin of [[@{selected|attack01}+?{mod}-3d6]] hitting [[1t[hit_loc]]]

as you can guess, I have a hit location table. Just add more attack buttons for other attacks, and just keep it in the notes what attack does what. Ideally your best attack and secondary attacks. The hit location table is hit_loc

You will notice to remove clutter I've made most of them Token based macros. meaning that it shows up when a token is selected. If you want to save some work, you can ask me to share with you the campaign and you can branch it out if you want.

Until they make an if statement macro this is the most I could think off. Feel free to comment about other macro ideas that would save the GM time and make it easier to communicate ideas.
I already input the critical miss table and it took me about 15 minutes. Its faster if I used my own words than typing it out word for word. If I have the time the other tables found in B556 and in order of priorities
  • Magical Crit fail table
  • Vehicle hit location Tables
  • Unarmed Critical miss tables. 
  • Critical Hit table
  • Monster Hit Location Tables in B553 

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