Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sins of the Crusades Episode 4.5 - Intrigues

  1. In Episode 4.0 Tertius and Xeno were part of a "War Game" where they battled season vets and manage to win by an Off-called technicality. This was a way to exercise Mass Combat rules and see how it would play out. 
  2. Today, this episode 4.5 the team proceeded to do their machination. We simplified Cato's attempt to gather forces in Naples, his home town, and he did something rather amazing. The city was fractured with many conflicting interests, and he arrived with promises from the emperor. Promises that allowed him to carry off many of their readied forces to fight for the emperor instead. Joining his war against the Turks meant pontial status and gains. Lands lost to so many dyansties will be need new lords and stewards to the emepror. 
  3. The team was doing their machinations, it really is difficult to plan an assassination attempt on figures in history who are used to the game and only really surround themselves who are trustworthy. Assassination is a very difficult art it seemed. Fortunately they were speaking in Greek when a non greek, Anodai, followed Cato when he returned.
    1. Xeno was busy befriending Ponziano and Francesco, Francesco asks Xeno to watch tertius for him. 
    2. Tertius got into the good graces of Tancred and was slowly being indoctrinated to be in his group. 
    3. Adonai who followed Cato stumbled on them and seem to have a strong attraction to him. Cato giving attention to the broken thing which is Adonai has become something tangled and confusing. He entertains her affections, in return she gives him secrets of Francesco and some of his men. 
  4. The group adjourn to gather more information and to plan. Xeno investigates more of Francesco, and discovers one of the leads of Cato to be true, regarding the business of slaves. The question is it from East to West or the other way around. the Next day Francesco speaks to Xeno about what he saw, learning of his "use" of the slaves seems to ease Francesco's worries - he is more at ease when Xeno asks for priscilla, a sex slave, he "used" that night. 
  5. Cato uses Tertius' connection to talk to Tancred. He tries to make a deal and Tancred scoffs at the assumptions Cato has about Bohemon. Still he knows his cousin will be interested and lets them meet him. They are put on guard. 
  6. Xeno is presented to Bohemon by Francesco, calling for raising a Fleet and not just an army. Bohemon argues he does not need one, even with Xenos impeccable skills does not impress the land based warrior. 
  7. Cato and the party is presented to Bohemon. They are tested, and they seem unable to convince or move him, where they propose that they can prove their ability by raising the army for Bohemon. He is impressed but is still cautious, he asks them to prove it to him by eliminating his current steward - he gives them little head start - they were trying to plan when an ambush attempt tries to take the PCs down. We stopped at the last leg of the combat. 
Some notes about GURPS Combat. 
  • Losing 2/3 HP (HP = ST) halves dodge and move. 
  • It takes 3 seconds to shoot a bow. 2 seconds with fast draw. 1 second with -6 from Quick Shooting (MA119) in Archery. Drawing the bow with arrow takes 1 second and cannot be avoided. 
  • Feint is very valuable in GURPS combat. bringing down defense bonuses to 7 and below would speed up their kill per round. 
  • I'll fix their load out. 

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