Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Slow but Sure: Stellar Classification Table

Ok that was a lot of work. 
Yeah creating tables for Stellar Classification. Roll the Star up.

I made a mistake, I wasn't supposed to allow for O type since it's only 0.00003% of the Observed Stars. 

I wanted to add LTY Classes, the really dark classes - the kind of stars the James Web should be able to see. Imagine in a few days now and a month maybe how many Infra-Red Stars and Brown Dwarfs will we detect in our neighborhood? Imagine Travelling in the scale of Hundreds of AU instead of Light Years. Visiting Brown Dwarfs outside our solar system? What if we detect SO MANY nearby brown dwarves just 2 light-years /120k AU away!? 

I realize that Solar System Generators is MAP MAKING in scifi TRPGs. I enjoy map making and I still keep the maps I drew back in High School in 1996. Now I'm learning how to make "Solar Systems" a different type of map-making. Its like learning how to make Isometric Maps, Hex Maps, Square Maps, or maps with Inkscape. 

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