Monday, January 24, 2022

what does high will look like? is being changeable or unchangeable high will?

Is it willpower, resolve, discipline to detect, identify, confront biases and deal with them?

Is a person with such great discipline without bias? 

I think someone with such high stat is more able to identify their biases - with a great effort of will it will be handler their ego and be able to listen and understand another person. I speculate.

A person with great will is not what a lot of movies and stories make it to be someone perfect, full of conviction, and so sure- but someone who is deeply flawed, aware of those flaws, and exerting incredible effort to redeem themselves - or live in a way they can accept.

The perfect Saint ideal removes struggle and the hardship that really happens when you build a life in learning from mistakes and constantly changing and growing.

Got myself meditating what is a high will score? Is it stubbornness? I don't think so, denial is easy - accepting something I don't want to is hard.

The hardest thing is being vulnerable - to want something, enjoy it, and letting it be free and possibly being hurt by it.

Having others have power over oneself is harder. To have agency and to be so hurt by rejection and others requires a lot of will.

So I like role-playing believable characters and I like checking different cultures in how certain ideals, virtues, and vices are presented.

I like pretending in imagination to be certain characters and get in their head.

I like using this to humanize real people as well as so much does to dehuamize others and remove context. 

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