Thursday, January 13, 2022

Tech levels are tricky.

I like the Neolithic Revolution and Human Era (Popularized by kurzgesagt 


I like looking at the world as whole and not just the europe. 

The terms in Wikipedia are pretty good and gameable. I know its changeable but that's the great thing about learning - we may have to update our understanding - and the nice thing of using Wikipedia as a source is that it's Open. 

There are a dizzying amount of Technological Markers, for me the Schelling point was the Axial Age - which is when there was that explosion of thought - Hundred Schools of Thought, Buddha and Reflection, and Meditation. 

So there are HUGE Medieval History Groups and Roman History Groups and the Technology of the Medieval Period 500-1500 CE kept making progress and there was SOOOOO MUCH technology happening in these eras Its hard to say ONE piece of technology defined it. 

Its fun to know that the Eastern Roman Era, Kept Records and Had great agricultural equipment WHILE crop rotation was catching up and exceeding roman productivity. 

De-Agricultura for me is one of the most important works in knowing my Archiac setting because it documents methods and techniques and makes me realize that Cato could see the performance of his properties across regions in a Macro data analysis - the way Administrators of Ancient Persia and Mesopotamia must have seen thousands of years prior to the Romans. 

I guess cause I'm a Filipino with both a western education with Asian background and heritage - doing a lot of biz with Indians and can't help but see my circumstance in other Developing World people who are attending the ERPnext training made up of Africans, and Middle Easterners.   

I want my stories including a lot of different peoples and stories. 

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