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Ogre Cleric of Magic and Chaos CR 6

[Core Rules Only]

Appearance: They appear like ornate giant statues of coarsely beaten black steel, heavy crusted with dried blood. Calligraphy in Giant cover the armor, cursing those who would oppose at the same time proclaim its wearer's glorious deeds of malevolence. In one arm, it carries a towering Black Pike 15ft long tipped with wicked barbs and flying its black banner. When its gaze falls upon you, it draws a the flayed skin of a humanoid with painted symbols and vanishes.

Male Ogre Cleric 5

Chaotic Evil Large Giant

Init +3 (-1 Dex, +4 feat); Senses [Darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision] Listen +10, Spot +10

Languages Common and Giant.

AC 23, touch 8, flat-footed 23 (+8 armor, -1 Dex, -1 size, +5 nat)

hp 71 (9 HD (+4 Race, +5 Class))

Fort +11, Ref +1, Will +8 (Race F+4, R+1, W+1; Class F+4, R+1, W+4; Con +3, Dex -1, Wis +3)

Spd 30 ft. in Halfplate (6 squares); base speed 40 ft.

Melee (MW) Large Longspear +11/+6 (2d6+7) (+6 BAB, +4 Str, -1 size, +1 weapon quality, +1 feat)

(MW) Large Armor Spikes +10/+5 (1d8+4) (+6 BAB, +4 Str, -1 size, +1 weapon quality)

Ranged Composite Mighty Longbow (Str +4) +4/-1 (2d6+4) (+6 BAB, -1 Dex, -1 size, +1 weapon quality)

[Space 10x10 ft; Reach 10 ft] (20ft with Longspear, but cannot attack creatures in 10ft -instead use Armor Spikes)

Base Atk +6 (+3 Race, +3 Class); Grp +14

Atk Options

  • Reckless Offense (MW) Large Longspear +13/+8 (2d6+6) (+6 BAB, +4 Str, -1 size, +1 weapon quality, +1 feat)

  • Power attack

Combat Gear Large Fullplate 3,000gp with Masterwork Spikes 400gp, Large Masterwork Longspear 310g, Large Mighty (Str+4) C.Longbow 600gp.

Special Abilities:

  • Magic Domain

    • Use spell trigger device as a wizard equal to half cleric level. Wizard caster level check +2

  • Chaos Domain

    • +1 chaster level for chaos spells.

Spells (CL 5 cleric; CL 2 wizard, +9 melee touch, +4 ranged touch)

  • 1st Level- Bless, Bane, Command (Will DC 14) x2, and Obscuring Mist

  • 2nd Level- Bull's Strength x2, Hold Person (Will DC 15) and Desecrate.

  • 3rd Level- Prayer, Animate Dead, and Dispel Magic (+5 dispel check)

Abilities Str 18, Dex 8, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 9

Feats Reckless Offense 1st hd level, Power Attack 3rd hd, Improved Initiative 6th hd, Weapon Focus (Long Spear) 9th hd.

Skills Listen +10, Spot +10, Concentration +8, Spellcraft +8, Knowledge (arcana) +3.

Possessions Onyx x2 500gp (250@), Scroll of Haste x2 750gp (375gp@; Caster Level DC 6); Scroll of Invisibility (3 minutes; caster level DC 4) x3 450gp (150@), Wand of Cure Critical Wounds (4 charges; 4d8+7) 1,800gp. (7,810gp)


  • Cast Invisible, then cast Bless, Haste, and Prayer.

  • On the Ogre's action, declare Power attack – 6 even if not attacking.

  • When making an Attack of Opportunity, you can declare Reckless Offense since it is an attack action.

  • Against opponents with poorer reach, use ready action against charge.

  • Retreat with invisibility (then cast desecrate and raise up to 20hd undead)

Ready action for a Charge (20ft reach! Huge threat area). (Best while invisible) (Bless, haste, Prayer @ give a +1 to hit).

  • Reckless Offense (MW) Large Longspear +7 (4d6+36 /x3; ave 50dmg*) (+6 BAB, +4 Str, -1 size, +1 weapon quality, +1 feat, -6 Power attack). IF invisible gain a +2 to attack and opponent is flatfooted

  • AoO (Leaving Threatened Square): Reckless Offense (MW) Large Longspear +7 (2d6+18) (+6 BAB, +4 Str, -1 size, +1 weapon quality, +1 feat, -6 Power attack).

* save fort vs DC14 for Death from Massive Damage.

Notes: Anti Charge Characters.

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