Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wanting to Game

GURPS medieval 12th Century. This was the rise of maces and when heavier and heavier swords were being needed to penetrate the advancing quality armor. Mail was still king of armors but the variety and quality are not well represented in the basic set.

3 basic mail sizes for the torso.
Shirt. up to the waist (where your belt would be)
Brynie. up to your crotch protecting it sufficiently except for strikes from leg level comming up.
Hauberk. falling up the the knees, as a skirt, thigh flaps or short leggings.

One of the things I want to apply is the frequency of encountering villages in travel and economics, the lack of comfort and the professional survival and outdoors-man skills of the warrior class. As magic is not part of the equation, strategy is in the planning, time and resource management.

In one of the many RPG quotes. In Real Life Bards rule.

Tactical mounted Combat. Still one of my challenges is how to run Tactical Mounted Combat.

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