Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mistakes mistakes...

been reading up on the details of my character. Since we in a hurry and we really are not seriously gaming we just breezed through many of the character details. Its no surprise that we have a couple of mistakes on what we can or can't do. Who can blame us, we just want to fix the paper work then and there on the game. I don't want it to bother the rest of my life.

To start, bonuses from synergy, equipment, class and race have to be detailed a bit more. I've found many mistakes on my part. Then there are some details we need getting used to. Almost forgot warforges can't be targeted by enlarge person, found this huge mess of powers with alterself (like being granted the racial skill and feats of the form taken; and what constitutes as a racial feat- elven weapon profs, feats from high hd creatures). Then there is the party inventory, stuff my artificer can retain essence on and how much we've spent and where it goes. Accounting all that is actually work... :(

it makes me want to play gurps :( as the system of choice.

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