Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If I had a chance to run a DnD Game.

Running a DnD Game.

Low Magic World. Dark Ages, Falling Civilization and fighting back impossible odds.

  • Core Rules Mostly

    • Outside Core Elements up to 2006 3.5ED upon approval. Ideally none.

  • Armor Gives DR / -- equal to Armor Bonus.

    • Yes. It takes 2-handed weapons and Power Attack to penetrate armor consistently.

    • As for Natural Armor, DR is equal to Half Rounded down.

    • Taking the AC from T20, Str mod for Parry AC bonus

    • Shields give an AC

  • Characters cannot have any spellcasting/psionic class (or combination of classes) greater than half their total HD.

    • Representing the loss of Institutions of Magical Learning and to reinforce how hard Magic is supposed to be.

  • Slow Advancement. 1/2 XP

  • All Non-Humanoid Creatures are CR x1.1 to 1.2, those with Su/Sp/Ex abilities are CR x1.33.

  • Sense of Scale

    • Lvl 1-3 Green to Regular

    • Lvl 4-6 Seasoned

    • Lvl 7-9 Veterans to Elite

    • Lvl 10+ Leaders, Movers and Shakers.

  • Extra Effort Rules

  • Magic Items. X2 GP

  • All monetary values are in Silver (convert all gp values to 10 sp)

    • 1gp = 20 sp = 80 cp

    • 1 lb of silver = 240 sp

    • 1sp = 4 cp

  • Character Creation

    • 32 points (expect NPCs to follow 25 point elite build).

    • HP = 1/2 Hit Die plus 1

    • Magic Items are x2 cost except for items the character can make, Maximum Creator CL is 9. (no rings or staves)

    • Starting Silver is 27,000sp (11lbs of silver or 1,350gp)

* surprisingly ring of sustenance have a CL 12 req. despite saying it has a CL5 since it requires forge ring which needs CL12.

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