Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yesterday's game

Currently Calculating. the amount of xp i can convert to craft points. Too bad the materials are discarded when I salvage an item for craft points. we just got our hands on a +4 market price magic rapier. Planning to convert it into more usefull weapon for our Walking fireball: Rage'n (Half Orc Barbarian).

Balance. Well, our GM has had a taste of manticore power playing. When i mean power playing, i mean their regular style of playing, which is very powerful. Don't get my motives wrong, I don't pity my, I empathize with him. Right now I don't like the amount of prep I need for my character to play him without making bad assumptions. What more if you are introduced with mega cheese helping.

I've been personally gravitating to the Basic Set + Eberron Setting Books. The "compete" series and the other books are pretty heavy and I only go where the DM has. I admit that the challenges are not severe but I don't need a severe challenge after a hard days work (or a week since this is my only game). I just want a fair challenge which stops me from doing stupid things and rewards me for improvised out of the box thinking, using basic core rules.

I admit that the playing style me and Henry are exhibiting with our DM falls in the Not-Intense Playing experience but its fun. I get to visit my gastroentarologist(sp?) , my best friend, and have the classic lesser faculty demands unlike those at work.

My own Game Urges. Right now less than 13C tech. I carry the karameikos setting with me in hopes of converting it into a demographically believable (at least for me). Arming swords, Temperamental Destriers , Mail, Scale and Mighty Composite Bows. Karmeikos is like a medieval Russia, moscow I think?. It has some byzantine influence, knights and kazaks. Hmmm... stuff I daydream in the long commutes.

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