Monday, November 30, 2009

The different type of Gamer Geek

I just started watching Big Bang Theory. Of course, they had to make the Nerds-Geeks there a bit more cartoonish than more realistic geeks. Thinking about studio 60 and 30 rock, I was wondering if they could make a drama version of Big Bang Theory with struggling realistic nerd geeks.

There are very interesting archetypes in the whole plethora of geeks. Most interesting for me is the... gamer geek and those that evolve beyond their archetype to be something better equip to shape one's own unique identity with realistic functionality needed to achieve in the world.

There are many geeks who are nerds with a pragmatic application of their skills, but really have a really geeky under layer running the "normal" looking GUI.

Instead of complicated Physics, there are the Game Theory geeks who apply strategy formalization techniques to optimize any aspect they are currently tackling- from games they run, to work, to social interaction, and of course trivial pursuits.

Part of the drama is the approach to failure and growth. Not all geeks grow, but the more interesting ones get forged in the fires of trial and failure. There is a growth processes where in success is nothing more than delaying the inevitable of failure. Failures and Murphies can be the light hearted elements of the Stories.

What is another take about such a story is having something as mundane and everyday about being a geek highlighted by the sophisticated pattern of failures and success shot in a way that makes it sentimental and sublime.

Maybe a short 8 episode drama arch, someone growing up to be a powerful mogul from a background of a total failure and nerd. The friends, loyalties, betrayals and the geekery.

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