Thursday, November 26, 2009

Someone Planning to Run a Modern RPG Scenario?

A Warlords Gambit - the Power Vacuum in the Wake of the massacre will change the status quo. Territories are up for grabs and the remaining warlords see a red horizon. Lines and Guns are Drawn and what will be left may be a cancer or hope. A Game of Diplomacy, Violence, and Survival.

Inspired by Real World Events: Ampatuan Massacre that is still unresolved as I am writing this.

The funny thing this game is that it isn't a game at the same time it is for those our Politicos here in the Philippines. Its really happening and as we speak, the question is asked how will this change Mindanao. Will it be another blood bath (victims were noncombatants, pregnant women, raped and mutilated) or will it end with a stronger resolution against further violence in the war torn south?

  • Anyone who has read up the detail will find out quickly all the relevant dirt as the premise of the game.
  • A way of using Game Theory in analyzing in attempting to predict politicis
  • An Exercise of unconventional Game Thinking
  • No need for Research into Graphic Details, just go on the net.
  • Connecting to the Victims and the Circumstance, the ability to understand why this madness happens and what will happen next.

  • Disturbing.
  • Not everyone's cup of tea.
  • Keeping certain assumptions in check

GURPS 4e, TL1 (reflected in cost of living vs earnings), 150cp Characters, Gritty and Realistic.

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