Friday, November 20, 2009

Freethinking Game is a Go

Update, my game is pushing through as of the confirmations received as of now. Hopefully, the Murphies will be stuff I can handle.

Hi, I usually run Role-Playing Games and have an open invite for those who want to try. In theme of free thinking, i won't run fantasy or supernatural. Anyway, I usually run realistic or simulationist scenarios. The topics I usually like gaming about are taking an emergency or extreme but plausible scenario and have characters, who are either suited or ill suited for the task, go through the scenario given the best of the Player's own ability.

My favored method of conflict resolution favors creativity and applying game theory, although if people want tactical exercises I am very flexible. I'd like to say I specialize in running social scenarios that emphasize in negotiation, diplomacy, empathy and awareness (although the lack of players interested in only such tactics are rare and my practice is limited).

Things usually like running are Calamity scenarios (like civilians in coup d'etat, trapped and survival), events in Philippine history (specializing in 19th Century), detective mysteries, and entrepreneurial adventures (free lancers and opportunity seekers out to make a buck and some mark). I am also open to a other variety of scenarios and games, depending on what the players want and what I have access in terms of research.

I usually run my games short (3-4 hours) and with a small manageable size of players at 4 (which is my limit... any more and I exhaust myself and the quality of the game suffers to a point against my pride). I use GURPS a Generic universal Role-playing Game System, but I don't stress on the system or mechanics. The game system is merely a way to arbitrate abstract quantities of risk. I usually run a rather rules-light Character creation with just a short talk defining the character strengths, limitations, and stance.

If there are other GMs out there who like to use their games as a way to create safe exercises of free thinking I'm also open to being a player.
Freethinking RPG set in 1865 Philippines
  • A struggling Mestizo Actor
  • Tsinoy (Chinese-Filipino) Merchant with shady practices, and a
  • Native American Scout Refugee.
if things go well, video of the how the session went will follow.

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