Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Using your School E-Library

I've just gotten access to my gradschool library, and downloaded a ton of PDF's I plan to use to prep my future games. I'm a history nut and I'm of the simulationist school.

I don't like using fantasy settings so much because I can't use it for anything else. I read volumes only to not be able to talk about it in the other circles i go to. Using history as my "Game" setting or Shamelessly ripping off history is both easier and enriching.

The tons of things i learn in history about human nature is just too valuable. It is two birds with one stone, and If I get people to learn more about history it is also enriching to them.

Here are list of things I've just added to my reading list.

  • Naval Combat Logistics Support System
  • Military Families under Stress: Implications for Family Life Education (Character backgrounds)
  • The Horse in Ancient China and Its Cultural Influence in Some Other Areas
  • The Revival of Byzantine Learning and the Revival of the Byzantine State
  • Arabic Lists of the Byzantine Themes
  • 'Luxury Foods' in Medieval Islamic Societies 'Luxury Foods' in Medieval Islamic Societies (both Game flavor and Ideas of what to cook at home).
  • World Maps and Easter Tables: Medieval Maps in Context
  • Islamic Settlement in North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula
  • The Convention of Alexius Comnenus and Raymond of Saint Gilles The Convention of Alexius Comnenus and Raymond of Saint Gilles
  • The Byzantine Empire in the Eleventh Century Some Different Interpretations
  • Some Byzantine Accounting Practices Illustrated from Georgian Sources
  • Studies in the Byzantine Monetary Economy
  • Monetary Theory and Roman History
  • Toward an Ecological-Evolutionary Theory of the Incidence of Warfare in Preindustrial
  • Nomadism, Horses and Huns
  • The Nature of Warfare in Fourteenth-Century Japan: The Record of Nomoto Tomoyuki
  • English Warfare in 1066 English Warfare in 1066
  • Tanks and Roman Warfare Tanks and Roman Warfare
  • Early Germanic Warfare
  • Ancient Chemical Warfare Ancient Chemical Warfare
  • Spanish Horses among the Plains Tribes
  • The Training of an Inner Asian Nomad Army in the Pre-Modern Period
  • The Military Use of the Chariot in the Aegean in the Late Bronze Age
  • Review of Stratagem and the Vocabulary of Military Trickery by Everett L. Wheeler...
  • Greek Chariot-Borne and Mounted Infantry
  • War and Politics in Ancient China, 2700 B.C. to 722 B.C.: Measurement and Comparative Analysis
  • A West African Cavalry State: The Kingdom of Oyo A West African Cavalry State: The Kingdom of Oyo by Robin Law (Is this the GM Robin Law?)
  • The Military Revolution in Russia, 1550-1682
  • Nomadism as a Political Adaptation: The Case of the Yomut Turkmen

and more...

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