Thursday, July 5, 2012

IMTU - No-Stealth - Open to Critique

Open for Critique
Since I choose to remove detection stealth IMTU I wondered its effects. There is still "stealth" but it works like deception. It basically gives a Penalty to Ship Identification. Basically IMTU typical accuracy of inferring a ship 95% and its capabilities are around 75% (an arbitrary value). "Stealth" serves to confuse the mass and heat detection. It doesn't make anything disappear, it just makes measurements less accurate, if certain parameters are taken into account the measurement would the default accuracy. 

Ways to Ambush or Trap

  • from inside the ship: hi-jacking
  • Forging Ship IFF and if the ship can matches XX% (OTU standard) of the profile.
  • In a high density field: a high yielding mineral belt or ring that gives systems just too much to track. The idea is dense enough to give mass  detection a harder time finding hollowed out asteroids. Using concealed passive sensors and probably intercepted Intelligence of movement.
  • In a Gass Giant with a low enough G for the ship to accelerate towards its target. Same as High density field. Ex. Neptune and special equipment to allow personnel to lie in wait.

Affect on doctrine

  • Q-ships will be very very close to normal Merchant ships*.
  • Merchant ships will try to be very much like known Q-ships
  • Q-ships may be the majority of fighting ships
  • Modular Ships that can economically modified for Q-ship or Merchant ship.
  • War Ships are unmistakable, some technologies and doctrines will allow for "power projection".
  • Less Expansionist or non-Imperial Navies will have an fleets of Q-ships; constantly hiding their true numbers. Q-ships
  • Drones are employed heavily to saturate systems and can quickly make a Merchant ship dangerous as a Drone Carrier. Drones in the form of Ships to Missile Pods, to Laser Firing Missiles.
  • Stations are more secure because of the lead distance they have on arriving ships. Fleets jumping in system may find the Stations and Fortresses moving for cover. Stations would have anchored multiple celestial covers - grabbing several large asteroids and mounting unmanned m-drives and sensor and weapon platforms.
  • Systems with Rich Asteroids are the most naturally defensible systems. Thus more valuable for Independent "States".**

*A lot of Beowulf/Hero, Far-Trader, Akkigish/Fat-Tader Q-ships, 2k-10K-ton Freighers and Liners Q-ships. Might as well shorten them as Q-hero, Q-Fat Trader?
** High Trade, but Highly Independent or Autonomous states with few resources. They can vary from Raiding and Trading states like Dark-ages Danes or something like Singapore or Taiwan.

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