Monday, July 30, 2012

Get Writing done: Lower your standard - aka I made crap

That old adage: lower your standards, to get more writing done. I agree is easier to edit and rewrite than making stuff from scratch. So saying what I said, i'm not happy with what i wrote... but i got some writing done. Its hard writing anything with no nanny and an 17mo. old baby (and both the wife and me are writing).

Right now, I'm kicking myself because I had a TON of writing I cannot find. I cannot find my old writing notes, I found some but not those that matter, like the GURPS lite for low tech. It sucks. I wish I started saving on the cloud much earlier and I'm saving with ubuntu one, drop box, sugar sync and media fire for redundancy.

Wish i could just recycle all those things i wrote in the past 10 years. Its so damn frustrating knowing I wrote so much stuff and I can't use it. Work caused me to only recently become more strict with my elaborative file naming habit.

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Gothridge Manor said...

Yikes. I've lost my writings a couple of times through the years. The one was a total loss in a fire.