Monday, July 9, 2012

IMTU working on a Biz Archetype Template

I have some better progress than my previous attempts in making a biz character template. In my personal experience Biz people can be divided into: Operations and Sales. The common thought of the businessman is the sales man. In Transhuman space memetics and as we can see in the learning material that has been opened up thanks to OCW Sales has become a particular specialty.

The salesman in the "light side" a person who can emphasize the value of a product or service. Who can wash away the grit of doubt regarding a course of action - for the company or the consumer. on the "dark side" the sales man uses these memetic or cognitive tricks to distract you from what you really need and what can sustainable afford.

Then there is the person who runs a business. Call it operations or logistics. There is a little of everything in operations, the managers (at least my theory of them) have to have mastered many personal organizational skills (variable priority training, mindfulness meditation, wu wei, problem solving, JDM, etc...) their job is to maximize the productivity and sustainability of each cog of the machine. They can do it through fear, respect, geekery (intrinsically motivated enthusiasm), ideologically, or need. Basically the same managerial skills found in a Real Time Strategy Game but with the ability to address humans instead of machines.

Operations don't need to be able to do the tasks of their people, thats because of specialization. I could be an IT director but not graduate IT or mastered every IT discipline. Thats where economics of specialization start kicking in, the skillset of the leadership depends on how plentiful are manpower resources.

Strangely when is started writing up Ops and Sales, I realized that the core competence is made up of many skills that can be define by Operations and Sales.  Each is face of a coin of business, that cannot be strictly separated by platonian or gamer ideals. Some Ops can sell, some Salesmen can run a biz; and sometimes we find equilibrium when we are not working to our strength (which sucks).

My template still in the works.

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