Tuesday, July 17, 2012

its about story telling skill

an excerpt from the general analysis curriculum:
People of similar backgrounds with similar experience can relate information better because they use the similar complex experiences as analogies and metaphors; a kind of “framework” or what is termed in learning science as “scaffolding”.

Thus the fastest way to communicate complex ideas is to use a common ground as a frame work to explain. The skill of finding common ground framework is found in the basic skill of storytelling. The greater storytelling skill of the communicator the more expertly he or she can wrestle with abstract concepts that will capture the imagination of his or her audience. The storytelling skill allows the researcher/analyst comprehend the complex data, break it down to a more universal narrative and assimilate the alien idea into something familiar and inherent. 
TL:DR - the skill of storytelling is the ability to absorb and compress large amounts of data by using the specialized processor of our mind. 

That specialized processor is that part of the brain that Makes a Narrative out of the completely random sensations that come out of our sleeping state. The analogy of a specialized processor is to imagine a graphics card and how it augments a computer by specializing in the processing graphics.  

Dreams are just random data bits our storytelling processor makes into story without our volition or awareness. That processor has the ability to compress data into the familiar patterns of a story, a narrative. It creates a timeline of events for predictive and for storage purposes. 

Everyone has different manners of intelligence, some people who may not be good in compressing data in more conventional ways may be unaware they are compressing data expertly through storytelling. 

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