Sunday, July 29, 2012

Writing Assignments while Confined

Currently in quarantine for measles with my wife and little boy. I lost almost a week at work, and I'm not due for another check up until tuesday. Feeling better now and was able to do some game writing.

So I'm writing up about the crusades and I've made some progress... not much but some. I've come to LOVE libreoffice, there are so much things it can do and its an all in one layouting tool (if there is few pics).

So I'm making a sample game, and realized that it would take up about two to three pages and will take some revision. So Its kinda a lot, well its a small scene in the crusades and for newbie players so I think there are some explaining and notes (footnotes) to explain what is happening (again libreoffice makes this all easier and awesome.

I'm working on a Glossary... but I'm reconsidering it and maybe will make a concept map. A glossary may be limiting in flexibility in interpretation and a concept map may be too complicated to begin with. Defaulting with glossary.

Will begin with the shortest terms, and then add the synonymous words to it.

current glossary composition:

Game Master
Non-Player Character (NPC)
Setting -
Scene - 

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