Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Open RPG project - how many and how big are the maps

Ok this is my guess: it will take about 19 maps. each map is a letter sized hex map with 1" hexes each hex being 32km (1 days march). Constantinople is at the center of the maps as a reference point. I will draw heavily from the works of a wikipedia contributor Cplakidas

I will keep a list of stuff I made up, since I will have to make up a lot of stuff to fill in the gaps. like the roads, it will be more work digging up accurate information than making stuff up. Since it is impossible to have very accurate city demographics I'll make stuff up. 

I will make all the maps vector so that people can add to the details and share-alike easily. Will have the files in a mediafire account. I'm currently using the Inkscape extensions >boardgames>hex mapper. Will try to publish the creative commons and the original credits in every map. 

There are 42 red boxes symbolizing letter sized hex maps to be assembled. 

Will try to document and create tutorials of how to do this, including the amount of time it takes in hopes people will contribute either works and improvement of process.

currently using xubuntu on an old PC

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