Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rolling Diplomacy; Been Busy

A recent event has made me aware that Diplomacy Rolls, social circumstance, rolls can be varied in difficulty (like Duh). I think we are able to detect nuances in social situations - being able to notice : hard and easy situations.

Normally we measure the difficulty by intensity/cost of what is being asked... in this case, I've realized i should factor how many POV I should be able to align/re-align.

So a list of projects are delayed

Been Busy.
Sorry I've been busy of late, the recent events has put off some of my time; so has my bad health, the baby's teething (crying every 2 hours, and i've used the gum pain relief gel), and some work work, installing Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS on my Ideapad Y430 (it cannot accept bootable USB stick). I know what I'm supposed to produce. Although I admit my airsoft - which I consider an RPG related hobby - kept me also busy (really need to update my airsoft blog).

I wake up with regrets every morning, my morning self is more pragmatic and more distant to a situation and to my "last-night" self. Remembering the circumstance carefully, I'm shocked and afraid the same distance may worsen the company's situation as time may also improve the situation.  ugg... worked leaked into my RPG blog :(

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