Friday, August 24, 2012

Kazam a Open Source Screen Caster for making tutorials

Found Kazam through Nixie Pixel if you use ubuntu you can download it in the Software Center.

too bad this is an awkward freeze frame. 

Anyway, it was awesome and easy. If ever I am to make a vblog/podcast I'll use Khan's format and take myself out of the vid or use an electronic puppet (via blender) or blue screen the puppets (i have a pig and a frog). Of course I'll have to see how hard that would be.

I wonder how weird would it be if I use our company as a sponsor; since our core training involves a lot of Role-playing (call simulations and confidence building) and happens to be our main differentiation among other training centers?

Tried to have a discussion about GURPS vblog or podcast that got no attention. I guess thats fore-shadowing how much such an endeavor would be a fail... still I'll do it just to try and experience something new.

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