Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Getting a Graphics Tablet for Mapmaking

I got this 10" tablet only to find out that its not compatible with my Ubuntu 12.04 home PC. I even went out of my way to track the OEM to see if there is really no way around fixing it. It is really a AERY GT8607BK Graphics Tablet and emailed them if they had any support for Linux.
They emailed back and it was a No. Looking for it I found out from ALIBABA that there were 3 Chinese Graphic Tablet OEMs.

Sorry about this.We don’t support Linux. Best regards,Anna 
Anyway I called CDRking and asked them if I could upgrade into the 12.1" tablet  They allowed me, it took a long while. So I have a working Tablet now.

But that was a tiring trip and I'm going to rest.

I HAD one of these before. I lent it to my boss for his sons to play with; I heard they were home schooled and I wanted help them in their education.
Unfortunately this boss, lost our company a lot of money and "resigned" only to leave and take an Brand New Office Laptop and Brand new Company Projector.

What was also sad was that my mom bought the Laptop in the US, taking the time to get a good deal going to various electronic outlet stores. Also, my mom who is 61 had to carry 5 of these laptops (handcarry) because of how we have more than 3 incidents of theft in our luggage (and the porters throwing our luggage in JFK and Newark). I guess I can't help but not expect any decency.

We can't exactly dock his pay since he was AWOL for a whole month....

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