Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Frustrations with Art

I don't know what artistic directions to go. I guess I should have thought about it more. I was making icons but I dont know if I should make it: Overhead view, isometric view, or some abstract symbol. I guess I haven't done art enough to go by and make carefull thought of my assumptions. 

All i can do is the walls at a random angle. 

I event went so far as maybe using Blender to make a simple town with simple blocks then trace it. Of course I need to remember how to use Blender after about 3 years of last modeling with it. :(

Anyway, work, the weather and my 18mo. old baby boy has been a useful distraction given how frustrating is the problem.   

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Philo Pharynx said...

I would draw the map however I wanted and then use Maptool (, $free) to add a grid. It's got hex grids (horizontal and vertical), and square grids and you can resize and move the grid at will.