Thursday, February 27, 2014

GURPS Magic Notes: Alter Visage, Body and Voice

Because Alter Visage, Body and Voice have a duration of 1 hour, a Body Specialist Adept with a Body Control-27 [16] (normal mana through a special familiar granting Normal Mana level). Casting the spell at Body-17, Visage-17 (-1 second spell cast), Voice-16 (-2 3rd spell cast). If he spent at least 7cp to buy up his Recover Energy and has Healing-22 [1] and Recover Energy-21 to offset the Low Mana penalty, then he can recover all the energy that was used to maintain the spell.

Casting Visage, Body, and Voice should be done 10 minutes between each other to allow the mage to recover mana to pay for the maintenance in time.

It would simplify things to have it all in one spell, but the three spells allow for a Staggered payment of FP!

6fp, pays only 5fp 10 minutes to recover the energy
3fp, pays only 2fp 4 minutes to recover the energy
2fp, pays only 1fp 2 minutes to recover the energy

16 minutes every hour, the character has to rest.

With Acting-3 Impersonation the adept can really take on the role of someone. Its not an illusion, and only Analyze magic can detect it as an ongoing effect. If there is Conceal Magic Item, this will penalize magic detection.

The only clue is the character being weaker and distracted, which can be explained by the Body Control mage creating the symptoms of a fever, cold, exhaustion, or stress to add noise to the detection.

There should be a single spells that just does all this to make it simple. The question will be how many prerequisite counts or how hard is the GM and the Player going to make it?

Custom Spells can be Perks (house rule)

I guess this is pretty simple, a Mage who developed his own "Technique" or his own "Spell" can just have it as a Perk. Of course these are simple or minor feats of magery when developing spells that combine to spells or do something that would be within the skill level of the mage but not written in the book.

I'll have Custom Spell Perks to follow.

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