Monday, February 10, 2014

War Beneath Heaven S02 E05: Big Trouble in Cheng's Town

Quick Summary

  • Intelligence Reports are that there are more parties digging into the Heights
  • Bill's been doing scans and there is large Bio Activity, and its coordinated. He reminds people that Swarms are a powerful and versatile familiar that allows intelligence gathering indirectly. 
  • Killian has been using his Coven contacts to find out any activities and movers in the area. His report is that no "Mage" has laid claim to the Heights and ever since OGW suddenly pulled out smaller factions have been eyeing the territory. He was following up a lead when all these mages (including himself) stumbled on scounting parties... particulary a Dragon in 4pm.  
  • Bill and Fish investigate, they get there and were able to observe various gunmen trying to flank the dragon. The dragon seems to be tearing up the sewage system and burning away the cockroach swarms. The swarm fails to hurt the dragon as it easily deals with them. one of the men see the HSS Drone an panics trying to shoot it. The Dragon is strartled and begins running away. A figure jumps off a building into the dragons back as it runs into the shanties. 
  • Bill and Fish ambush a gunman, who is filled with disgusting cockroach themed fetishes and jewerly. They get some information from him - The Kaeneen, and it turns out to be a mage who tries to uses the swarm to overwhelm the Fish and Bill. Bill uses a powerful gust of wind to crush the bugs (messily), the mage gets really angry and casts darkness and tries to grab something from Fish (but ends up empty handed). Bill and Fish flee, but go around to investigate.
  • They find the burned out residential building. Bill introduces Fish to magic and some interesting things happen. Fish can examine the arson pattern and determines they are scouting the area - possibly using the fire and collateral damage to move in. 
  • The Kaeneen enventually face Chengs people and the Cockroach swarms attack his fortified manor. Fish, Bill and Speedy (who free runs to get there) help out. Cockroaches everywhere and deals about 20k usd worth of damage to the mansion... Bill crit fails his magic which causes the swarm to grow stronger and fiercer engulfing him and others. Fish fixes the problem with 8lbs of explosive plastic and adds another 200k usd of collateral damage to Cheng's property. 

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