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Why Networking is used explained in a Gamer mindset.

Networks are the easier way of doing business IMO, but that's not the impression that actually influence character builds. Sun Tzu's says avoid a test of prowess (avoid drawing the sword or going to war), which means if that I must explore all the other options before resorting to those with risks.

There is a red flag in the back of my brain being raised when I'm about to enter a situation that has risk, when presented in a way that there are limited options (false dichotomy). The condition response is that, I can find another way and there must be an answer that does not require a test. Why should I enter a negotiation (or a situation) where I don't know the outcome, its better be a negotiation that has nothing to lose and something to gain otherwise (where it will cost me something if I lose).

I'm coming from Call Center Background, I hated Cold Calls and Outbound Campaigns. I don't like it being pestered or spammed, and most people don't either. I know its part of work, but thats the result of match making (finding someones whose willing to deal). I've experienced too many fly by nights in the misguided effort of trying to salvage the business and having dealt with such desperate and shady people, there is a reason why we filter our transaction by who we know (renshi 认识, kilala in tagalog). In the end of the experience, when I contemplate Due Diligence was something overlooked too often. But the cost of due diligence adds up over time, so we use what we have and deal with who we know when we cannot give due diligence.

Renshi 认识 or Guanxi 关系 in Traveller

So I'm doing business with people in another star system. Even more is relationship and network more important. I like it when the GM emphasizes this because, it always boils down to this. Especially in my experience dealing with BPOs and establishing new markets and business. 

Introductions is a big deal and Social Occasions are also, I cannot AFFORD to be reclusive and anti-social as much as I want to. At least I'm not stuck with my anti-social disadvantages, instead I have my characters or if the game system does not have that kind of granularity then HAHA I don't have those disadvantages! Those disadvantages are what makes it interesting and immersive for me, we all have quirks and even the Pros have a "best practice" which shows where their strengths are invested. 

Basically, make introductions (crypto  letters of introduction) so that one has some trusted verification who they are dealing with. Socialize with the NPCs, lolz. What is funny is that its kinda like dating! Your trying to socialize with someone and they can come in all different forms, and you can get into some risky situations or even trouble before you make business relations. 

I'm the type who likes meeting people, partially because as a gamer I find myself running out of people to play with since they move around and get busy. I translated that to work, and the chance I can meet a gamer at work lolz. So anyway it is an exercise of being open minded and through that interesting things happen. 

I guess any adventure scenario can begin with a bunch of people testing and verifying each other. Think of the golf game where business people try to read each other while playing, and other hobbies where we get to know each other through the medium of the hobby. 

Enemies as Contacts

An Interesting thing about GURPS is that Enemies are people you know as well as Ally Groups. You can have Watcher enemies, that the character KNOWS. They may not like the character but the character KNOWS them and thats a good start (sometimes all you really need is a connection to someone who has what you need even if that person hates your guts).

I remember making a Fading Suns GURPS character whose primary build is that he KNEW everyone lolz. Enemies and Contact Groups was his special ability. That was a one shot so nothing much happened after that, but in my work experience, if you knew everyone and what they did then you would know who to ask, what to ask, and who can answer and how to go about making something possible.

Count Watcher Enemies as very unreliable contacts (basically contacts that PAY YOU in points lolz), what they are good for? Count on them to do tell your enemies what you mislead them to think they should not know lolz.

Contact Groups: Diversity

Gaming Contact Group: Having a Contact Group may be excessive... unless you can use that LARGE group for your networking. Imagine a group of people as a spectrum and the variance within that group there will be some odd fringe/outlier people who can provide some unsual connections for the PC.

So the GM may allow you to use a Contact Group with a Familiarity penalty. "Oh Jimmy here has family in the Mob/Gov't/Army/etc...  So Contact Group is really 5x more expensive than one contact but has more survival chances and versatility.

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