Monday, February 17, 2014

War Beneath Heaven S02 E06 - Under the Heights

Quick Summary

  • The damage done by the crew in order to fight the magical swarms had its cost. It was worth a ton of lost business and security as it was made to the Cheng's base of operations. The crew called it a night and let the rest of the team cover for them, come early morning they night team discovered some tunnels along with the sewer system. Tunnels that threatened Cheng's operation in this vulnerable time. Cheng sent a bunch of his zombies to explore and less than half was able to return. Keeping guard and warding, the night team awaited the day team to survey the mess - good thing the damage was done by a miner - Fish.  
  • The crew had to quickly set up, improvising and making up a bunch of the equipment from remote controlled cars and picking from their portable wire-less CCTV cams. They expected water but a they were met by dry series of tunnels. 
    • Fish can make out a lot of details - it was feeding canals meant to bring water to a population that was above them, but has not existed for probably a thousand years. Canals also served many purposes, and it can be seen in the markings of people using them for other purposes, but none that looks recent. There were hints of closed off passages but he can't make heads or tails of it: was it made during the time it was a canal because it too had water damage but different - details better made under light and a mining lab. 
    • Merle had other details, he can see the zombie tracks Cheng has sent but a rather large limbless creature moving around recently disturbing some of the tracks. 
    • Bill was without much powers except to infra because of a botch. 
    • Speedy was setting up beacons for relative positioning reference since they had no GPS. 
  • They covered two km when one of the beacons moved and eventually disappeared. Fish first notice that there were closed off passages and something. Merle didn't like blind spots and something moving behind them was conflicting his better tactical judgement. The group moved to cover the rear, and find several passageways broken. They tried to tracker this fresher trail, which entered the closed off passages. They lead to a fork and a strange clay door. 
  • They examined the door and came to slightly different conclusions - consistently it seems a woman crying and sobbing, what seems like pleeding and the sense that there was wilderness outside. The figures seemed to be under some tree and the wind rustling the leaves. Fish can hear the crying and asks if the crew wants to open it. He opens it for them, and see what appears like a thousand year old mass grave. In the corner what appears to a mummified woman holding swaddling clothes. 
  • When Bill manages to do a Magical Search, he senses the presence of sentries approaching. Guards made of stone, bone and metal charge at them. Powerful and with the regalia of royal retainers they assault the crew - but this is not their first rodeo. 
  • Things were quickly moving one way, till an unexpected visitor appears - one of the serpant men that escaped the tower during the flood. (in some way it would make sense). Like typical adventurers they immediately deal with the threat ASAP. Merle manages to evade its attacks long enough to reload failing to shave a second off his reload). The crew got to check out bills magics, and Speedy was able to shoot the thing after two attempts with his Taser Gun. 
    • The Taser hits the first time but the creature was able to shrug off the effect but creates an unearthly howl that awakens the ghost in the room. The ghost wrestles with it at its expense, and fades away by the time the team was able to bring force to bear. 
    • Stunned and reeling back, Merle finishes it off with 3 round snapshot at the head. Snake soup everywhere. Merle has never relied on so much solid slugs before. 
  • The ghost cannot communicate with the crew, its voice slowly fading it leaves only tiny motes of light over the swaddled clothes. Bill investigates to see a mummified infant which exudes the magic he's knows has to do with magical companions and the vessels they reside when he touches to examine it a spirit manifests into a small child, not much of a toddler who asks "Are you my master?"

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