Sunday, July 12, 2020

Computer Gaming Post. Insurgency and getting back to fitness and games.

It was funny last night in Insurgency - some really loud (Probably drunk, you can never be sure who people claim to be) Brazilian named GUSTO joined us. He was singing and using Counter Strike Global Offensive Tactics in Insurgency. He insisted on a bolt action sniper rifle, the M40, in a game where the Bots use swarm tactics, and there is no range as it is street to street fighting. It was very difficult to use such tactics. Even when I was already using a FAL 7.62x51 AP rounds and it still takes 2 shots to down (200ms tends to make me miss head shots more difficult). 3000J shots as compared to 5.56 at 1500J shots. 

I realize that I end up using the M16 because the reload time is faster which matters a lot on a bot swarm. I I've stopped using Autofire, A rhythm of adjusting for recoil and shooting again is a good habit.  

I started using a script that used the Long Distance Models (1/10 to 1/5 the polys/faces of the models used in the game; that made things look almost like CS:Source so that I can play with the guys. If my PC is not doing the "server" role i notice it had FPS of 70s. But if I run a game locally, so my PC handles the bots and more of the graphics, then my FPS is 40s. 

The wife was giving my son a pep talk about how he should act more mature when playing with his Titos (uncles, my Airsoft Team). Wilz was "baby sitting" my son during the game which I was really grateful for. I had to log out to let my son play because he was throwing a tantrum - so much like me at his age. 

Still I'm spotting bad habits of overextending, and having no displacement strategy. Having a 2-3 stage retreat strategy (extending to the threat area to shoot, and knowing when to pull back in redoubts). Bad habits... wish I could teach my son! lolz.. gen 2 of CTO. 

Also bad habit of no Ally Awareness, I think that is as bad if not worse as bad habits go. Getting too "kill focused" over being aware of my allies and their objectives is bad.  If you ask me at any given time: where are my allies and I cannot answer with enough information to join up or aid them then I failed. 

Its funny learning to deal with the 90° vision arc and the 30° to 15° calmly is hard. A lot of mindfulness comes into play. 

I hope with the treadmill being there I can return to some of the Conditioning levels I had prior to the pandemic. Working towards the 10lbs weight belt and then hope to get back to 14lb Weight vest. 

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