Sunday, July 5, 2020

Updates to Quick Combat and Alternative Cepheus

200413 Quick Combat - Weapons and Armor; 200425 GITB Quick Combat - Combat Mechanics, 200419 GITB Quick Combat - Combat Mechanics, 200419 GITB Quick Combat - Test Characters, 200424 GITB Quick Combat - Basics and Characters

updated the following
  • made the fighter equivalent of the rules modification: no-interrupting turns, one throw per turn, GM doesn't roll, etc... 
  • updated the Fighting Styles: (google docs indexing)
    •  Defense Fighting Style to Defensive Fighting - better Fail Threshold at Damage disadvantage or Advantage to Defense Roll
    • Updated Protection
    • Noted how the mechanics Work for NPCs (since GM doesn't Roll)
  • Updates the GRADES. poor, regular, good, and fine. 
  • Set up the Average Pay and Starting wealth. I have to mention that most "Employers" in Low Tech settings "Lease" equipment to warriors deducting it from their Pay and paying them subsistence (food shelter and kind) and some allowance. Its a practice that exists even today. 

  • Propulsion + Fuel + Life Support, Controls, and Workshop are the key to any TL9 Ship. See Lessons from Delta-V Daniel Suarez
  • Mechanics for Workshops is going to be fun. Basically, it determines how much of the Ship can fully replicate itself and its LIFE (machine life) is the machine life of the ship. 
  • This is from the realization that Asteroid Mining needs 3d Manufacturing in order to be profitable. This is because what it is really doing is reducing the Cost of bringing Material to Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Instead of Mega or Kilo Tons of material from earth or any celestial body - its material from Space. 
  • Once you arrive at an Asteroid - the material in the Asteroid will PAY for the cost of it being brought to the manufacturing hub.  

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