Friday, July 3, 2020

Lessons from Delta-V by Daniel Suarez

Some of my Take-Aways for the TL9 Game I'm planning to run based off of Daniel Suarez Delta-V
  1. Asteroid Selection is based on the Fuel mass that can be used from the Asteroid. 
  2. That Asteroid Mining is about bringing down the Cost of Materials in Orbit for Infra. It's not about BRINGING resources to EARTH but in Low Earth Orbit. 
  3. SPACE tech that is relevant to people of 2020 are the following:
    1. Improved Satelite Tech. 
      1. More powerful
      2. Easier to maintain
      3. Easier to deploy
    2. Materials formed in 0G and Vacuum. 
    3. Biological experiments in micro or 0G. 
    4. Materials formed with Asteroid Materials 
    5. Manufacturing in 0G and with what is Rare on Earth and Plentiful in Asteroids. 
    6. ECONOMICS of DEBT and running out of places to invest. Because capital hoarders take fewer risks as they accumulate more and more capital and thus the ability to create wealth diminishes over time without the frontier of SPACE. 
  4. The challenges of space are the ADVENTURE, handwaving them away is just my own fears in learning the science and technical and getting them wrong. I should do something I have no Idea doing when no one wants to do it and so much to gain - my mistakes and misunderstanding will fuel the next attempt and iterations grow from there. 
    1. I should plan how the Player Learn and Build Characters for this. 
    2. Challenges like regolith toxicity, hazards like solar winds, radiation/rads, particle storms (from the asteroid), Investors, Competitors, 
  5. Story telling for a GAME in TL9 is prep heavy because of the Time Scale. It is not Episodic like Traveller with the "World of the Week" it is a Campaign and project. 
    1. It has to have clear goals. What kind of adventure do players want? How do I conform it to their TRPG expectations? 
    2. Operations Schedules and Activity Details. 
    3. Annualized and Total Cost of Ownership biz Plan. Novels like Delta-V and others are needed. 
  6. I need to review what Metal 3d Printing they were using. 
  7. List of Details that are Important, vs stuff that I can week. 

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