Sunday, July 12, 2020

Quick Combat Update - Fixed the Load Out Generator

200413 Quick Combat - Weapons and Armor
  1. Added Quantities. I completely forgot to Make the Quantities column. So there was no way to put Multiple days of Rations. Fixed
  2. Reorganized the naming Convention. Name + Grade. Grade coming from PMBOK which better describes how much better or worse is the item. Because Qualities are better in describing specifications and other elements of an item. Its easier to expend since I can use formulas for the Grades + Name and make various adjustments. 
  3. Weapons Master Sheet (Using Query). 
  4. Created Adaptive Tables for Ranged and Shields. So that when I add more Grades and make rule changes Its easier to apply them to the whole table since it uses formulas. 
  5. ARMOR02 is now Loadout because what was just a Armor Piece Checkbox Sheet evolved to be the Checkbox sheet for the total Loadout. 

I should really finish the Sample Characters. I'm just going to go through with the system as is. Then review the characters. 

A common practice here in the Philippines and probably in previous times was that Employers would Equip personnel but deduct it from the Salary. I remember one of the books mentioned it long ago. So Auxiliary would be equipped with 100 silvers of equipment and it would be taken out of pay and people just accepted that, unlike now where there are laws and it can be subject to abuse. I'm sure it was subject to abuse. There was some debt slavery with the capital given out to lower classes. 

Status StatModWealth MultiplierSalary Cap (monthly, 25 days a month)Assets
0 to 1-50.10$2.50$50.00Marginalized
2 to 3-40.20$5.00$100.00
4 to 5-30.30$7.50$150.00
6 to 7-20.40$10.00$200.00
8 to 9-10.70$17.50$350.00Raider/Auxiliary
10 to 1101.00$25.00$500.00Mercenary
12 to 1311.50$37.50$750.00
14 to 1522.30$57.50$1,150.00Legionnaire
16 to 1733.40$85.00$1,700.00Guardsman
18 to 1945.10$127.50$2,550.00Sergeant
20 to 2157.60$190.00$3,800.00
22 to 23611.40$285.00$5,700.00
24 to 25717.10$427.50$8,550.00
26 to 27825.60$640.00$12,800.00Esquire
28 to 29938.40$960.00$19,200.00
30 to 311057.70$1,442.50$28,850.00Knight
32 to 331186.50$2,162.50$43,250.00
34 to 3512129.70$3,242.50$64,850.00Banneret

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