Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Simple Container Calculator - Bags, boxes, and Containers for your games.

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I'm the kind of person who writes up his load out before going on a trip. 

Basically, I made a simple surface area calculator. Then I benchmarked the Weight and Carrying capacity of 511 and Aliexpress bags to create High, Middle, and Low-Grade Nylon Bags. Have a Cost to Weight Ratio, and just raised the "Thickness" of the material to use as benchmarks for the bags. 
You can easily elaborate the qualities and the Cost to the Weight of the container. 
Basically, get a container online and if it doesn't meet your Volume requirements use this calculator to extrapolate how much it will cost if it can hold more. 
SAMPLE Containers(Volume)Wt (Kg)CostNotes
High Grade Backpack(60L)2.64$264.38
Rifle Bag 35", Middle Grade(20L)1.27$31.77
Rucksack, Low Grade(100L)3.72$37.16

Almost every game session there seems to be some Lacking equipment in our Traveller game. I could probably make a spreadsheet of all the equipment and notes and then model them in blender and use the various cartoon shaders to be "ART" since I'm going for the Ghibli look for my games aesthetics. Growing up with a big crush on Nausicaa, Ghibli and anime has a strong influence on me. 

D6s can be very versatile as it can be a D3 and a D2. 
Unarmed1d20.0 kg
TL2Brass Knuckles2d2
TL3Longsword3d3/4d3 pi/sl1.5 kg
TL3Broadsword3d3 pi/sl1.0 kg
TL6Steel pipe 0.6x0.02m1d6 bl0.5 kg
TL2Shortsword2d3 pi/sl0.3 kg
TL2Large Knife2d2 pi/sl0.2 kg
TL2Axe3d3 sl1.0 kg
TL2Battle Axe3d3/2d6 sl1.5 kg

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