Sunday, April 4, 2021

Fabrics to Expand Modules for Spin Grav - Cepheus Engine Traveller SRD

Playing around with Hex tube ships for easy manufacture and maintenance. A little gravity is better than none. 
I would imagine this would be the most "basic" ship. 

The hex habitat modules that Expand (combination of fiber/fabric to be very light weight and some hard shell structures). 
5m rad hex expanding for 12m rad. 

It has two counter-rotating (to counteract their oscillation) Spin Grav hex modules for Physical Therapy. People work and sleep in 0G, but have recreation and therapy, in spin grav. 
A little Grav is better than none. Assumes a more efficient drive than the current. More controls and sensors in the cone. 

My current Bottleneck is that I need to figure out how to make simpler  3d modules that would render in Cross sections for the Worldbuilders as well as Kit bashing tools for the GM who wants to detail their ship as well as rendering instructions for Isometric and 2d Maps. 

needs - Sleeping/Fresher pods, workshop, maintenance and housekeeping drones, Engineering kit-bashing, Command stations, Crash couches, med bay, Life Support Infra, etc... 

Based on the Space-X starship and a more Hard Scifi CE.  

I realize the ability to generate Fiber-flex or Scifi-Duct tape is one of the most critical parts of a ship and vacc suit maintenance. As well as drones that fly and float to apply it in hard-to-reach places. 

Blender 2.82 rendered in Ubunut 20.04 

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