Monday, April 12, 2021

Learning So Much - Modeling 10dton Fighters for Cepheus Engine SRD RAW

 There are Some problems in SPACE combat in CE I hope to address. Designing things in a way that 1-2 hours of games that 

  1. can be fast, 
  2. easy to visualize and narrate, 
  3. and filled with actions - Players don't have "Dead AIR" the mechanics always give Agency to the Players. Dont take turns away from players (an Old design relic that punishes players in older game design). 

  1. The ship has to have maneuverable/pivotable thrusters. 
    1. How is the fighter going to dock?
    2. How will it change Vector? Yaw, Pitch, Roll, Bank? 

  2. 2-Crew is an important aspect of combat, I'm surprised most fighter ships default at 1. Mechanics that make PCs valuable give PCs roles in combat. 
  3. I want to make the ship practical in my Harder Scifi game. 
  4. I have to try out modeling first before I realize how to better PLAN a design. Its really  more complicated because I have to plan how to avoid ngons/non-quad faces. 

3 space x 6 space or 18 spaces = 9 dtons. 

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