Friday, April 9, 2021

Today I learned some Basic Orbital Mechanics

 TIL Hohmann transfers and Oberth Effect.  

  1. Why the Navigator is an Important Job (it is not in the Mechanics of Old Traveller and Cepheus) - and Ideas how to make the Navigator important in CE - he helps reduce Delta V and Travel time- 
    1. if you brute force something without Orbital Mechanics YOU GET NOWHERE even if you have a lot of unlimited thrust duration (How long the ship can have thrust) and not enough thrust Power (Gs). 
    2. The Navigator Tracks Vectors. Vectors are the Imaginary Point in space the Navigator tracks and determine - they can be Moving Points like other Ships, or nearly fixed points like Planets and Notable Objects (see Near earth Objects) being 1 Meter in largest dimension is the smallest to the Minimum automatically detected is something as big as Ganymede  (+30km across). 
    3. The Pilot = the Thrust or M-Drive controler determines if the ship Tumbles, Strafes,  "Flips&Burns", wobbles, or creates an area of uncertainty to the exact position on its way to its Vector.  
    4. But the navigator determines if they CHANGE Conditions with the Target - that ranges and the orbital mechanics that influence their actions to change. The captain should have strong Navigation because navigation is the most immediate CONDITIONS of the ship. A firm grasp of Navigation means being able to BREAK UP assumptions and audit conditions for details that may be out of place.   

  Easy Orbital Mechanics I - Getting to the Moon  

 Easy Orbital Mechanics II - Hohmann Transfers    

  Easy Orbital Mechanics III - Interplanetary Travel  

   Easy Orbital Mechanics IV - The Oberth Effect 

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