Monday, April 19, 2021

Imagining a Smarter person than me: A Virtualized Model in my head

 TRPGS contributed to making me better imagine and predict what people would do. Simply because we have to think about what we are going to role-play and something believable would be something "We wouldn't do" or actions that reveal our behavior. 

This technique is almost a cornerstone to how I proceed with my limited attention, education, intelligence, and my self-doubt.  I am definitely not the smarter person - but it is enough to imagine someone who acts differently based on different Information than myself. 

The Smarter Person would:

  1. Stronger Logical Rigor than me. Unlike me they would know what argument or logic principle that applies. Unlike me they don't need to check google over and over again what are the terms and principles of the Logic, they would know. And thus they work with a Narrower set of Actions and more Confidence. All I can do is Google and Try to keep up. 
  2. They would know all the Patterns and Anti-PAtterns of Actions, Criteria, and Systems. They would be able to extrapolate the Checklist they will need to organize to Eliminate and Falsify the  Factors and Theory/Hypothesis. I am just a little monkey trying to ape their intelligence - I know what it looks like and have to go in search of something that LOOKS like it. 
  3. They have the Working Memory I dont have, and probably all those who draw from my genetic pool.  If eugenics was ever allowed I'd imagine my family would have been removed from the gene pool with our spectrum of flaws. Its a depressing to not have the working memory of a regular person and have to rely on VISUAL loading - writing all the information down, Drawing them as Diagrams, and using so many techniques just to keep up. When i draw and diagram and take notes I am monkeying poorly what a more intelligent person would do in their head. Knowing I am far inferior but having written it and drawn my solutions and formulas I can have others check my failures and issues. (soo many books and people who believe they are the Genius Savior of the World and people I personally know who believe less intelligent people are not worth saving, I've been only lucky to pretend to have enough intelligence to keep up - only my family's wealth has allowed me to survive when otherwise I would have been eliminated).😰😥
  4. That they have the attention to detail because their intelligence allows them to better Filter out the noise and red herrings. That I can only ruminate and doubt while they have the genius to be certain. They can seem so charismatic by how much attention and thought they can bring to bear and "pretend" to care or play the role the other party wants to see
I have a strong bias and you can say weakness to people as Ignorant as me😅. I want there to be understanding but I know they have to endure the humiliation of being in a world that is very "Intelligence" conscious and working our way to areas far smarter people come to with less effort or loss. I am part of the people who many believe "drag people" down. And my gene pool - and many of us like myself may rely on Ambiguity and luck to come with the ultimate "equalizer" money and power not to be "culled" for mediocrity. 

Survival of the Fittest = Might Makes Right...  and the Weak is to be enslaved. 

I'm just the scared and cautious simpleton who apes the smart person. Games are where I practice pretending to be smart and the illusion is easier to maintain 😅

I think I wrote about this before. Highly aware I'm a broken record. 

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