Sunday, July 25, 2021

Running Games again gives me Peace.

 Why do running and playing TRPGs restore me so much? Why am I wired to love gaming? is 1 AM and I'm a buzz. I feel good when I 

1) !! Figure out what the Player wanted out of their turn and Figure how it can move the story along (Most important and the hardest). 

2) able to keep reasonable timelines for my NPCs and Events.  

3)  was able to manage my plot holes. (according to end game feedback). 

4) Balance the difficulty - give information - enough to act on if risk-taking but not enough if overly cautious.

our game ended at 12:30AM but we had about 20mins of Post Game feedback where I reveal my problems and where I had a hard time. 

Areas of Improvement

1) Time management - we ended at 12:30AM instead of 11:45PM. The main cause is #1 Figuring out what the player wanted in the Turn. And what they want to do and how to Make it move the story forward. I need to have a better process of figuring it out - a set of questions to ask the player about their turn. 

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