Friday, July 16, 2021

Today I learned about some basics the Stats of Rockets


0G Manufacturing is Nano-Technology

  2. 0G manufacturing is ASSEMBLING and FORMING material before Gravity distorts the structure that will be set or cured. 
  3. Now imagine manufacturing on Orbiting on Luna. With the Moons gravity, a Free-Fall station can be built with almost 0G conditions OR the lower G of Luna would allow some processes and techniques to manipulate the Structure of Aluminum, Steel, Silica, etc... Vacuum also allows energy and forces to act on an object without energy seeping away. 
  4. Now Imagine the Chamber Pressure, Thermals, Wear-and-Tear (reusability) of Materials thanks to being able to shame its nano-structure. 
    1. More Reusable - instead of 20 uses, thousands of uses. 
    2. Higher Chamber Pressure - higher Thrust to Weight Ratio 
    3. Higher temperature and operating efficiency - higher Impulse? 

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