Sunday, July 18, 2021

Today I learned more about Thrust to Weight Ratio

I had to Study the Basics of Thrust to Weight. Sorry I'm juggling a lot, but DO KNOW you can correct me because if you decide to Invest in our book you know I'm also trying to figure it out and what I've come up with is the best at the time. 

Tedious things I have to do for Hard Scifi - BENCHMARK all the rockets so when I make a REACTION DRIVE plugin Cepheus Engine I can also Publish the Spreadsheet for people who will get it. This data set will be used. 

Take Away
  1. I'm getting PRACTICE with working with Newton's Thrust. Also a lot of ways to Double Check my calculations. Other than friends commenting if my numbers look ok, Nicco only who can look at the spreadsheets prior to the book being finished. 
  2. TL6-9 Liquid Rocket Benchmarks will be benchmarked from around a T2W ratio. from 20s to +1000s or more as we go to greater Nuclear Rockets. 

To Do

  1. I have to get the thrust to weight ratio for Turbo/Fan Jet Engines. I plan to do is one of the break throughs of TL9 engines are Flexible Role Engines, engines sacrificing efficiency (T2W) to be able to fly in the atmosphere of Venus, Mars, gas Giant habitats (floating cities on Uranus and Neptune will have a gravity of 0.9 to 1.13 gravities and lower even as these will be at the edge of the stratosphere).  

  2. Have a DENSITY Assumption for CEPHEUS ENGINE ships. 
  3. relearn Burn Time and Mass Flow Rate. Basically Fuel consumption. Because this is TIME to Accelerate which is equal to the Delta-V Budget. 
  4. Cost the Fuel. I don't need to get the REAL World Fuel I just need to Get the Fuel in Cepheus Engine which is 500Cr per Dton or 35Cr per vTon (Volume-Ton  or 1 cubic meter)
  5. Unfortunately, I will be switching over to METRIC instead of the Confusing DTONS with my Cepheus Plug so that People can start getting used to Talking in Mass-Tons Volume Tons and Talking about Size in KiloTons or Heka Tons. 

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